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Building a level pad

SD Drain has the ability to cut an area at (0) grade, therefore the user is able to use the system to build a level pad. (ex. bin site, building)

  • To perform this procedure, the user will have to change some settings in the program.
  1. Go to Program-->Profile settings
    • Set Default Grade-->(0)
    • Turn Laser Level --> ON
  1. Go to Program-->Machine Settings
    1. Set Ditch Width-->100' 
      1. This will allow you to build a 100' wide pad
    2. Set Backslope Width+Backslope Ditch Width-->100'
      1. This will allow you to build a 300' wide pad
      2. You will need to Turn the Backslope feature on
      3. Set Ratio-->1:0
  1. Survey the middle of your pad from the high end to the low end.
  2. Cut to grade 
  3. On the top portion of the screen, you can see the parameters that you must work in in order to have automatic blade control.
    1. Parameters will change whether you have back-slope ON/OFF

Figure 1=back-slope ON

Figure 2=back-slope OFF


Figure 1

Figure 2