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6 - Multi-Function Joystick

DAC Joystick Configuration

To enable reading from the Joystick open the DACCFG app and go to the Setup page.

From the list of available configurations on the top left choose "Enable CAN Joystick" or "Enable Analog Joystick" depending on which one you have.  You will have to scroll part way through the list to find these selections.

Click "Upload Config to DAC"

Click "SAve Changes to DAC"

Changing Setting on the Muti-Function Joystick

From within DACCFG click on the "Multi-Function Joystick" button

To retrieve the current configuration click on "Poll from DAC"

To save changes click on "Save to DAC"

To change joystick button behavior choose the function you want from the drop down list for that button.  Be sure to save after you have made any changes.

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