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4 -DAC 7000 Configuration

DAC 7000 Configuration App

To enter the DAC 7000 configuration app double click on the DAC 7000 icon on the desktop

or go to Settings -> DAC -> DAC Config in SD Drain

If you start the DAC Config app from the desktop the com port will need to be set.  This only has to be done once unless you change something in the system.

Set the COM port you have the DAC plugged in to.  Typically an externally DAC will be on COM 3 and an internal DAC will be on COM 9.

Click save once you have set.

DAC 7000 Basic Tuning

Set your hydraulic flow at 60% to 65% (6 to 6.5 on John Deere tractors) as a starting point.

DAC 7000 Machine Label

DAC configurations can be saved to the computer and reloaded when you switch equipment.  When you save a new configuration it will appear at the top of the configuration list on the DAC Setup screen.  We recommend naming the configuration in a matter that will make sense to you in the future such as "7 ft tile plow" or "13 yard Ashland Scraper".

To save a configuration click on the "Config Admiin" button.

  • Select "Retrieve Current DAC7000 Config" on the top right of the page
  • Enter the name you wish to assign in the "Config Name" field
  • Select "Config for Main List"
  • Click "Save Config to File"

Once you click on the "Save Config" button another screen will open asking you to name the file.  Assign it a name and click OK.

Unlock Key

If you purchased additional features for the DAC you will need to enter a new Unlock Key in to the DAC for the feature to work.  A firmware update may also be needed.

From the main DAC Config screen click on "Unlock Key"

Enter the code provided in to the boxes on the top of the page then click on "Submit Key"

You can also view current unlocks by clicking on the "Refresh Features List" button

DAC 7000 Setup Screen

To get to the setup screen click on "Setup DAC7000"

Configuration column

Configuration List:

List of configurations that are available to load on to the DAC.  Any user configurations that are saved in DAC Config will appear at the top of the list.

Preloaded configurations include base setting for most hydraulic configurations.  Also in this list are setting to turn on slope sensors, joystick and other features of the DAC.  Some features require unlocks.

Loading a base hydraulic setting from this list will turn off any features that you have turned on.  Reload any additional features that you need.


Indicates which channel you are currently changing the settings for.  Typically channel 1 is for elevation control, 2 is for slope control, and 3 is for steering.


Movement boxes are where your settings appear after pressing the button above the slider.

"Set Tune" button applies the settings in the "Movement" boxes to the DAC.  This button does not permanently save the settings.  You must press the "Save changes to DAC7000" or your setting will be lost after a power cycle.


"View DAC7000 Config" button retrieves the current DAC configuration and displays it on the screen.

"Save changes to DAC7000" saves the current DAC configuration so it isn't lost when power is removed.

Movement cloumn

This is where the sliders and buttons are located for basic DAC tuning.

Channel column


Indicates output type assigned to the selected channel.

  • Analog - 0-5 volt output, typically John Deere and Case/New Holland.
  • PWM - Pulse Width Modulation.  Most solenoid type proportional valves.  Typically 0- system voltage.  Max voltage can be set to anything less then system voltage.
  • PWMH - Same as PWM but starts at max voltage and goes to 0
  • Bang Bang - On-Off valve
  • Duty Cycle - Ratiometric output based on system voltage.  0-system voltage with 1/2 of system voltage being center
  • ISO 11783 - CAN AUX valve output based on the ISO 11783/J1939 spec.
  • ISO Steer - Loosely based on ISO 11783/J1939 steering spec.
  • J1939 data - Custom CAN output for specific application.

Do not make changes to this setting unless told to do so by a technician, load a configuration from the "Configuration List" instead.  Changing the channel type by itself does not make all of the changes needed for most applications.


The amount of time in milliseconds the DAC will send a command.

Channel - Tune

The + column are the up movement setting and the - column is down


The number of divisions between the first step and the last step.  Increasing the number of steps makes the divisions smaller and slows down the movement of the controlled device.

1st Step:

The command, expressed as a percentage of the maximum output, that is sent when the DAC receives a minimum movement command.

Last Step:

The command, expressed as a percentage of the maximum output, that is sent when the DAC receives a maximum movement command.

Set Tune button:

Commits any changes made to the Tune boxes to the DAC.  You must click on the "Save changes to DAC7000" or your changes will be lost when the DAC is shut off.

Swap button:

This will swap the + and - settings in the Tune boxes.  For Analog and Duty Cycle this will reverse the outputs.

Channel BLimits:

Bang Bang setting.  Can only be changed from the terminal.

Max On:  The maximum amount of time in milliseconds the valve will be held open.

Min Off:  The minimum amount of time in milliseconds the valve will be closed.

Min On: The minimum amount of time in milliseconds the valve will be held open.

Freq Hz:

The current PWM frequency the DAC is set to output.  The frequency can be changed by entering your desired frequncy in the box and pressing "Set".

Command Sent:

The last command sent to the DAC from the DAC Config app.

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