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DAC 2X-2 Mounting the Sensor

The sensor must be mounted with the writing facing upwards and the forward arrow pointing forward.

Bolts are preferred over Tek screws.

The DAC 2X-2 should to be mounted as close to parallel to the bottom of the shank as possible on a tile plow or the ground on a scraper or blade.

The DAC2X-2 should be mounted near the pivot point of the shank on a tile plow.  For readings only the sensor can be installed anywhere that tilts with the cutting edge as long as the arrow point forward and it is reasonably close to level.  For control it should be mounted close to the point where the control mechanism connects to the blade.  No matter where the sensor is mounted it needs to move in a 1:1 ratio to the cutting tip.

There are 3 cables needed to connect the slope sensor to the DAC.

6PFD-3PMD-CAB.  This cable connects to the DAC in the cab and extends to the hitch of the tractor.  Make sure to connect both the blue CAN connector and orange power connector.

6PMD-3PFD-PLOW.  This cable connects to the "CAB" cable at the hitch and to the adaptor cable for the sensor.  Be sure to route this cable where it will not get pinched and leave enough slack for the full range of travel of the equipment.

And one of the following:

CBL 300307.  Slope sensor adaptor for DAC2X-2.  Connects the "PLOW" cable to the sensor.

5P-SLOPE-6P.  Slope sensor adaptor for the original DAC2X.  Connects the "PLOW" cable to the sensor.