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3 - DAC Setup in SD Drain

DAC 7000 Setup in SD Drain

Settings -> DAC Button -> DAC Control Tab

Select the correct “Port” the DAC is connected to.

Press “Start” to confirm the DAC 7000 is connected.

Once properly configured you will see “DAC DETECTED” under the “Status” .

NOTE: If there are problems connecting to the DAC, check the Port #. If it is an External DAC, check wiring and confirm the correct lights are ON in the yellow DAC Box.


DAC 7000 Configuration

Settings -> DAC Button -> DAC Config

Pressing “DAC Config” will open the “DAC 7000 cfg” window.

Press “Setup DAC7000” and select the correct configuration, this will open the “Tune” window.

DAC 7000 Options in SD Drain

Settings -> DAC Button -> DAC Settings Tab

On this page you can set the most common options for the DAC.

DAC Speed:  Minimum Speed for SD to send data to the DAC. Speeds SLOWER than this value will result in no up / down movement of the plow from the DAC.   Setting this to 0 may cause movement of the boot while sitting still and is NOT recommended for safety reasons.

Pitch Adjustment (SD Drain Tile only):  Amount of grade the pitch of the plow is adjusted when installing tile. This value adjusts the values being read by SD coming from the DAC2X-2. “ - ” will move the tip of the plow down and “ + ” will move the tip up. Typical Range  0.1 to –0.1

NOTE: Pitch adjustment only applies to plows that have a slope sensor.

Deadband Amount:  Amount off the design line the plow is allowed to be before the program sends a movement command.  This can be helpful during poor GPS conditions to help keep the plow from moving do to GPS jumps.  Not recommended to change unless directed to by a technician.

Dual Link Pitch Only (SD Drain Tile only):  This setting allows users with dual link plows set up to control both pitch and elevation to control pitch only without switching the hoses on the tractor.  Movement commands are sent to the pitch cylinders and the main cylinders need to be set to float.  This is useful if plowing in very rough field conditions and the hydraulics are not able to keep up with the up/down movements.

Allow Joystick Override:  Enable/Disable commands sent from the DAC to turn off and on the Auto button.

Version:  Installed version of DAC firmware

Send Command:  Enter commands to be sent to the DAC.

Message Box:  When checked shows messages being sent by the DAC.

Slope Sensor:  Enable/Disable the slope sensor if attached.

Tare Pitch and Zero Roll buttons:  Level the plow and press these buttons to zero out (tare) the slope sensor.

Pitch/Roll Messages:  Enable/Disable sending pitch and roll messages to SD Drain.  These messages are used for GPS compensation do to the tilting of the plow.

Fore Slope Control:  Enable/Disable pitch control.

Cross slope Control:  Enable/Disable cross slope control.  Should be off unless instructed by technician to turn on.

CAN Joystick:  Enable/Disable CAN based multi-function joystick.

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