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Universal Power Cable Retrofit

Instructions to update CBL 100001 to REV 2.  This update adds an ISO BUS connection used for communication to GPS receivers.  These instructions apply to any kit that includes a CBL 100017 cable.  Current kits are KIT JDRC-P-RETRO and KIT JDRC-P-4WD-RETRO.

Tools needed.

You will need an extraction tool to remove the keeper from the keeper from the connector.  You can purchase one from Rust Sales PN DT/RT1, modify a small screw driver, or use a small 90 degree pick.

In the center of the green keeper there is a notch for the extraction tool.  Use the tool to remove the keeper.

Remove the weather seals from positions 4 and 9.   Put the black wire in position 4 and the red wire in position 9.

Make sure the new pins are latched in to place then put the keeper back in.