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GPS Issues

  • Is your receiver configured to the appropriate settings?
    1. Baud Rate- 57600 (38400 for ITC)
      Set the HZ to 10 (5 for ITC)
      Turn GGA, GSA & RMC “ON” (Make Sure ALL the rest are OFF)
      Turn TCM (Tilt Control Module) OFF
  • Is Receiver plugged into computer
    1. Com 1 (Underside of computer)
  • In GPS Control page, do you have port: Com 1 selected?
    1. Did you press Start for system to search for GPS?
    2. GPS detected?
  • Is the light on the Receiver on?
  • If using a base station:
    1. Is Base Station on?
    2. Is Base Station sending corrections?
    3. Is Base Station battery low?