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  1. How many cables plugged in?
  2. Determine if you have Internal or External DAC
    1. Where is cable plugged in?
      1. Com 3 (External)
      2. Com 9 (Internal)
  • Are the DAC 7000 lights on?
  • CIH Tractors
    1. Did you calibrate the corner post to Scraper 1?
    2. This enables your 1-3 switch to turn your blade control on
  1. JD tractors
    1. R series- say auto on JD screen
    2. EC/AC
  • Did you plug the DAC cable into tractor when tractor was on?
    1. If so, you need to perform the following steps:
      1. Unplug the DAC cable from the tractor.
      2. Turn the Tractor off
      3. Turn the Tractor on
      4. Turn the Tractor off
      5. Plug the DAC cable into Tractor while tractor is off
      6. Turn Tractor on
  • DAC Detected on SD Drain screen?